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PAYE Federal Loan Repayment Program Expands

ThisIsBossi / Flickr Ohio’s college graduates carry an average of $29,000 in student loan debt, according to  The Institute for College Access and Success. So President Obama’s recent call to expand the already-existing Pay-As-You-Earn, or PAYE, plan by basing monthly payments on borrowers’ incomes could offer some breathing room to those struggling with that debt, [...]

As Loan Debt Rises, Colleges Encourage Students to Graduate On Time

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IMAGES_OF_MONEY / FLICKR In 2012, college graduates in Ohio walked away with an average of about $29,037 of student loan debt. That puts Ohio ninth in the country for the average amount of student debt, according to a recent study from The Institute for College Access and Success. Nationwide, average student loan debt has increased [...]

Ohio Graduates Rack Up More in Loans Than National Average

Ohio students are taking on more loans to pay for college, and graduating with more debt as a result than students in most other states. A new study by The Institue for College Access and Success’s Project on Student Debt ranks Ohio as a “high debt state.” The study found that, on average, Ohio students [...]

Read Ohio Private Student Loan Borrower Complaints, Comments


Much like homeowners who took on private loans that they didn’t fully understand, some students also have taken on loans outside of the federal student loan program that they might not have fully understood, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says. The federal agency recently asked for public comments on the experiences of private student loan borrowers. Among the nearly 2,000 responses it received are these from current or former Ohio students as well as from the association representing private Ohio colleges.

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