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Students Join Union-Backed Group to Protest “Zero Tolerance” Laws

For 16 years, school districts have been required to adopt ”zero tolerance” policies that have resulted in kids being suspended or expelled for a variety of disciplinary problems. Those policies have sometimes made headlines – for instance, when a student was removed from school for creating what looked like a gun out of a Pop-Tart. [...]

The Dropout Dilemma: Panel Explores Causes And Solutions

There are many reasons kids drop out of school: lack of parental guidance, poverty, crisis circumstances such as pregnancy, disinterest, and the list goes on. Dropping out occurs to some degree in just about every community. But it’s most concentrated in poor, urban school districts.  And it was there that a special edition of Ideas, [...]

House Passes Bill Allowing Threatening Students To Be Expelled

LOOP_OH / FLICKR Lawmakers in the Ohio House have approved a new way for superintendents to deal with students they fear are a threat to others, to school staff or to the district. The bill gives a superintendent the authority to expel a student who hasn’t committed a crime, but is thought to be a [...]

What You Want to Know About Your School: How Safe Is Your School?

office of the principal sign

StateImpact Ohio asked readers and listeners: What do you actually want to know about your local schools? We tracked down some of the most commonly requested information for you. Here you’ll find information about how often students at individual schools are disciplined and for what reasons.

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