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Why Ohio State Board of Ed Members Debe Terhar, Stanley Jackson Back Mitt Romney

Two Ohio state Board of Education members have been named members of Mitt Romney campaign committees. Their appointments are a sign of the importance of Ohio and, perhaps to a lesser extent, education to the Romney campaign. State Board of Education President Debe Terhar is a member of the National Educators for Romney coalition. The [...]

Read New State Board of Education Member Stanley Jackson’s Resume

Three weeks ago, Gov. John Kasich appointed a guy named Stanley Jackson to the state Board of Education. Today, we finally got a copy of his resume. In the weeks after his appointment, the governor’s office said it did not have a copy of Jackson’s resume and noted that there’s no requirement that state board appointees provide them. However, [...]

Feedback Loop: Should Board of Education Members Have College Degrees?

Tim Sloan / AFP/Getty Images Gov. John Kasich’s appointment of former pro-football player, current TV sports commentator and apparent college drop-out Stanley Jackson to a vacant seat on the Ohio state Board of Education led some of our commenters to ask: Should the people who serve on the state Board of Education have college degrees? Legally, [...]

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