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Core Questions: Does the Common Core Meet the Needs of Special Education Students?

StateIm­pact is answering reader-submitted questions about the Common Core, a new set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do in math and English at each grade level. Ohio is one of 45 states that have fully adopted the Common Core. Today, we answer a Core Question from an audience member at the WVIZ/PBS ideastream Education panel discussion on the Common [...]

Reuters: Charter Schools Screen Out the Students They Don’t Want

child at gate

_Bunn_ / Flickr Charter schools use a range of practices to ensure only the “right” kind of students get in, Reuters reports. Those practices can include mandatory family interviews, long application processes and demands for Social Security cards and birth certificates. And they sometimes put charter schools in violation of state and federal law, Reuters reports. In Ohio, federal [...]

Ohio Department of Education to Investigate Seclusion Rooms in Columbus Schools

The Ohio Department of Education will open an investigation the Columbus school district’s use of seclusion rooms, the Columbus Dispatch reports. Seclusion rooms are enclosed spaces that are supposed to be used to calm or restrain children who become violent. The investigation was prompted by a formal complaint filed against Ohio’s largest school district by [...]

Ohio Has More Vouchers Than It Knows What to Do With

Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen reports that just 500 students applied for special education vouchers this fall. The vouchers allow special education students to use public money — up to $20,000 — to pay for education at a school or program not operated by the school district they live in. Cohen says: Ohio is passing [...]

Ohio School Leaders Say State Should Not Regulate Use of Seclusion, Restraint

The state of Ohio should not regulate the use of seclusion and restraint in schools, dozens of school superintendents told the Ohio Department of Education. They say the requirements of current draft regulations are too expensive and unnecessary. In Ohio, no state law currently governs seclusion rooms, and the Ohio Department of Education has provided [...]

Read Some of the Comments on Ohio’s Draft Seclusion and Restraint Policy

The Ohio Department of Education received more than 100 comments, letters and suggestions on how to improve a draft policy on seclusion and restraint in schools. Those suggestions ranged from recommending that Ohio prohibit the use of seclusion rooms entirely to requesting that Ohio not regulate the use of seclusion and restraint in schools at [...]

Advocacy Group: Children May Be Hurt By Inaction On Seclusion Rooms

Michael Sawyers is Ohio's acting superintendent of public instruction.

A disability rights group now says Ohio children may be hurt if the Department of Education fails to stop the use of seclusion in schools.

In a letter to the acting head of the Ohio Department of Education, Michael Sawyers, Disability Rights Ohio writes, “we are concerned that unless appropriate action is taken, students with disabilities will continue to be subjected to traumatic, potentially lethal practices.”

Here’s Your Chance to Shape Ohio’s Seclusion and Restraint Policy

Tina M. Steele / Flickr Seclusion rooms are enclosed spaces that are supposed to be used to calm or restrain children who become violent. Seclusion — and restraint, or physical force used to control a child — are often used for children with disabilities. Seclusion and restraint are supposed to be used only in emergencies. But [...]

Ohio Could Require Schools to Track Seclusion Rooms’ Use But Keep Details Secret

All schools will be required to track — and disclose — how often they are restraining or secluding children under a proposed state policy. But details about incidents, such as the reasons children are placed in seclusion rooms, would not be made public, according to a draft policy presented to a state Board of Education [...]

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