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Four Takeaways from @StateImpactOH’s OETC Tweetups

AMY HANSEN / STATEIMPACT OHIO Well, if you attended last week’s Ohio Educational Technology Conference, the dust is probably now starting to settle. Your Twitter notifications have taken a little bit of a hit, and you don’t have to decide which Instagram filter to use on any of your conference photos anymore. More than 5,000 [...]

Add the #ohedchat Tweetups to Your OETC Schedule

MICHAEL ROUSH By now, #OETC is probably popping up as a frequently used word in your iPhone. As you plan out the rest of your time at this week’s Ohio Educational Technology Conference, make sure to carve out some time for the StateImpact-sponsored tweetups. The #ohedchat tweetups are real-life meetups that serve as an extension [...]

T-Minus Two Weeks Until #Ohedchat Tweetups

It’s time to charge your iPad, your iPhone, your laptop, along with any and every other device you have. There’s only two weeks until the StateImpact Ohio co-sponsored #ohedchat tweetups at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference. What’s a tweetup? What’s #ohedchat? A tweetup is an in-person event organized by people who interact via Twitter. And [...]

Mark Your Calendar for #OETCx’s Tweetup

Tweet·up; noun 1. a meeting or other gathering organized by means of posts on the social media website Twitter. Yep, tweetup’s a real word in the dictionary and a real thing. Later this month, StateImpact Ohio is co-facilitating two tweetups at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference. It’s an in-person extension of the Monday evening Twitter chats [...]

How Educators Are Using Social Media for Professional Development

Every month, more than 230 million people log onto the social media site known as Twitter. According to the company’s website, 500 million tweets are sent every day. And a growing number of those messages are being sent by teachers and educators. Many are using social media as a way to learn from their educational [...]

Common Sense Guidelines and Questions for Teachers Using Facebook

facebook candy

Every since the first kid got his cell phone confiscated in homeroom, school leaders have been grappling with the issues that arise as new technology (like cell phones and email) makes it easier for teachers and students to communicate. The questions–How often do online gradebooks need to be updated? How can a district make sure [...]

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