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How Online Education is Changing School in Ohio

Corein Loving, 17, works on his online AP Art studies at a "blended learning" charter school in Cleveland.

More than 30,000 Ohio students attend school online, skipping buses, cafeterias and classrooms to do their lessons entirely by computer, often at home, typing in tests and papers to be reviewed by a teacher far away. That’s more than 12 times the number of students enrolled online in 2000, when Ohio’s first virtual school opened. [...]

SB 316: Twelve Changes Coming to Schools Near You

Just three months ago, we told you about the laundry list of ways Gov. John Kasich wanted to change education in Ohio. The two policy changes in Kasich’s 2012 education bill that got the most attention were a proposed third grade reading guarantee and a new way of grading schools. But there’s more than that [...]

How Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee Would Work


Judy Baxter / Flickr Ohio lawmakers are trying, once again, to require elementary school students to pass the state reading test in order to advance to the next grade. Last time around, about 15 years ago, the proposal was aimed at requiring fourth graders to pass the state reading test in order to reach fifth grade. [...]

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