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Ohio Department of Education Senior Policy Director Sarah Dove.

Meet Sarah Dove, Ohio's Former Teacher Liaison


Sarah Dove was hired as Ohio’s teacher liaison in spring 2011.

Department officials said Dove’s appointment would last one year.

But at some point, the department hired Dove as senior policy director. The Ohio Department of Education has not responded to questions about Dove’s current duties or the circumstances of her promotion.

As teacher liaison, Dove’s salary was $51,544. Her promotion to senior policy director came with a raise of about $38,000, bringing her salary to about $89,500, according to state administrative records.

Dove’s job was to reach out to educators across the state to get their input on changes such as a new evaluation system and performance pay, and to communicate teachers’ concerns back to policy-makers in Columbus.

Dove reported to both Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Stan Heffner and Robert Sommers, Governor John Kasich’s lead education policy advisor.

Before moving into the teacher liaison position, Dove spent five years as a fourth and fifth-grade teacher in the Gahanna-Jefferson school district in suburban Columbus. Prior to that, she worked as a production assistant on Kasich’s Fox News television show.

Dove has been sharply critical of the Ohio Education Association and a public supporter of Senate Bill 5, which would sharply limit collective bargaining for public employees, including teachers.

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