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How the House’s School Funding Plan is Different, and What People are Saying About It

Yesterday, Ohio House Republicans dealt several blows to Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposal, including some significant changes to his school funding plan. The biggest difference between Kasich’s proposal and the House’s is how school districts’ base levels are calculated. Kasich’s plan aimed to equalize funding between poor and rich districts by basing school funding on local property [...]

Ohio Lawmakers to Spend Spring Break Dyeing Easter Eggs, Fixing School Funding

Easter eggs

Carolyn / Flickr Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports that state lawmakers are spending this week working through changes to a new school funding plan behind closed doors: House Speaker Bill Batchelder, who leads a super-majority caucus of 60 Republicans, says he plans to spend a lot of spring break looking into the formula, which he [...]

New Ohio School Funding Formula Likely Delayed Until 2013

Ohio schools should not expect any signifcant changes in their state funding for at least another year. Schools faced major state funding cuts for the current and next school year under a funding model Ohio lawmakers enacted in June. That funding model was supposed to be temporary. But on Tuesday House Republicans announced that they [...]

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