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Special Ed Lawyer says ODE’s Report on Columbus Schools’ Seclusion and Restraint Use “Reads Like a Horror Story”

The Ohio Department of Education recently wrapped up an investigation into the Columbus school district’s use of seclusion and restraint, and found that the district had done nothing wrong. But Aimee Gilman, a special education attorney, is unsatisfied with the department’s findings. In a letter to department officials, Gilman writes: “The descriptions in your findings read [...]

One in 25 Columbus School District Students with Disabilities Restrained or Secluded

A state review of records from Columbus, Ohio’s largest school district, has found that one in 25 students was restrained or secluded in one year, the Columbus Dispatch reports: The new information about how often, where and why Columbus staff members have used physical means to try to control children with disabilities offers insight into [...]

State Board of Education Approves Seclusion and Restraint Policy

Ohio schools now have a set of guidelines to follow when it comes to their use of seclusion rooms and restraints. The state Board of Education passed a policy regulating seclusion and restraint at their board meeting today by a 12-4 vote. Seclusion rooms are small rooms used to isolate students. Restraints are when a [...]

Ohio School Leaders Say State Should Not Regulate Use of Seclusion, Restraint

The state of Ohio should not regulate the use of seclusion and restraint in schools, dozens of school superintendents told the Ohio Department of Education. They say the requirements of current draft regulations are too expensive and unnecessary. In Ohio, no state law currently governs seclusion rooms, and the Ohio Department of Education has provided [...]

Read Some of the Comments on Ohio’s Draft Seclusion and Restraint Policy

The Ohio Department of Education received more than 100 comments, letters and suggestions on how to improve a draft policy on seclusion and restraint in schools. Those suggestions ranged from recommending that Ohio prohibit the use of seclusion rooms entirely to requesting that Ohio not regulate the use of seclusion and restraint in schools at [...]

Here’s Your Chance to Shape Ohio’s Seclusion and Restraint Policy

Tina M. Steele / Flickr Seclusion rooms are enclosed spaces that are supposed to be used to calm or restrain children who become violent. Seclusion — and restraint, or physical force used to control a child — are often used for children with disabilities. Seclusion and restraint are supposed to be used only in emergencies. But [...]

Indiana, Washington, D.C. Move to Regulate Use of Seclusion Rooms

Along with The Columbus Dispatch, we’ve reported on the use of seclusion rooms in Ohio schools. Seclusion rooms are enclosed spaces that are supposed to be used to calm or restrain children who become violent. There is little evidence that seclusion helps children but plenty of evidence that it hurts them. Their use is currently unregulated in [...]

Columbus Teacher Fired For Grabbing Student Who Spit at Her

The Columbus Dispatch reports that a teacher’s aide for special needs students at a Columbus Elementary school has been fired because she grabbed a student who was spitting at her. The student had been spitting on the aide “for days” before the grabbing incident: When students were lining up after lunch on March 7, the girl moved [...]

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