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Ohio’s Public Schools Will Soon Award Credits For Private Religion Classes

THOTH 188 / FLICKR A bill passed by Ohio lawmakers this week allows school districts to award up to two elective credits for religious instruction. The bill stipulates that no public money can be spent on the instruction and allows parents and school districts to opt out. One of its sponsors, state Rep. Jeff McClain, [...]

Superintendent Won’t Reinstate Carla Hale, the Fired Catholic Gay Teacher

Lucia McQuaide, the superintendent of schools for the Catholic Archdiocese of Columbus, will not reinstate Carla Hale. Hale was recently fired from Bishop Watterson High School for disclosing a relationship with a female partner in her mother’s obituary. Hale says she was discriminated against for being gay. Her diocese says she was fired for being [...]

Ohio Lawmakers Consider Guns in Schools, Religion Courses

Ohio schools are generally thought of as gun-free zones, but there are exceptions. State law dictates that no one can carry a weapon on school grounds unless they have written authorization from the local school board. “As long as a school board gives them approval they can have all the teachers, all the janitors all [...]

Jackson City School District Removes Painting of Jesus

After 66 years and some location changes, a painting of Jesus that used to hang in the Jackson City school district has been removed. The painting had recently come under fire after the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation received a letter in January complaining about the painting’s presence in the school. The Foundation then sent the district a letter, [...]

Jesus Painting Moved from Jackson Middle School to High School

A painting of Jesus that has recently come under fire for promoting one religion over others inside a public school has been moved – into another school building. Officials at the Jackson City School District moved the painting of Jesus from the middle school to the high school. They say the painting was a gift [...]

Read Jackson City Schools New Policy That Hopes to Save the Painting of Jesus

The ACLU of Ohio and the Freedom from Religion Foundation have filed a lawsuit against the Jackson City school district over a depiction of Jesus that hangs in a district middle school. But in an effort to keep the painting, the district passed a policy at its last board meeting declaring some parts of the [...]

Read the Lawsuit Against Jackson City Schools for Their Painting of Jesus

Last month a rural Ohio school found itself suddenly in the spotlight after the Freedom From Religion Foundation asked the district to remove a depiction of Jesus hanging in one of its schools. Since that letter was sent, the ACLU of Ohio has joined the debate, and the two organizations have now filed a lawsuit [...]

Atheist Group Threatens to Sue Ohio School for Jesus Painting UPDATED

An atheist group is threatening to sue Jackson City School District in southeastern Ohio over a large painting of Jesus displayed in a hallway at Jackson Middle School. In a letter, published by WBEX here, the Freedom from Religion Foundation tells the district’s superintendent that “it is illegal for Jackson Middle School to post religious [...]

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