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Is There a Future for Liberal Arts?

With the cost of higher education skyrocketing, a student debt crisis, and American families unable to keep up, is there a place for small, private, highly-priced liberal arts schools such as Kenyon College in the future? Kenyon College President Sean Decatur spoke to the City Club Forum about the issue and the direction his institution [...]

The Sound of Ideas Discusses College Costs

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cogdogblog / Flickr WCPN’s daily talk show The Sound of Ideas yesterday focused on the rising cost of college. Guests included: Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents John Carey; Bruce Johnson, president of the Inter-University Council, which advocates for the state’s public universities;

“Fiscal Cliff” Deal Delays Education Cuts (For Now)

In what was a tense political showdown, legislators approved a measure that averts the “fiscal cliff” at the last moment, thereby avoiding an automatic set of tax hikes and spending cuts. But that doesn’t mean education programs are free from the threat of significant budget reductions. The current deal is a temporary fix, one that [...]

“Fiscal Cliff” Means Serious, Though Not Immediate Cuts for Schools

As the “fiscal cliff” deadline nears without resolution, anyone and anything that relies on federal funding is getting increasingly nervous. But schools can breathe a little easier than most other recipients of federal aid. That’s because most districts’ write their budgets for an academic year, so the bulk of the cuts won’t be felt until the [...]

What’s Coming Up in Ohio Education in 2013

Ohio runs on a two-year budget, but that doesn’t mean off years are slow. Governor Kasich crammed in several education initiatives into his mid-cycle budget, and several other education bills passed the legislature. But the New Year will bring plenty of changes to the way the state’s schools are run.

Top Paid Ohio Private-College Presidents: Barbara Snyder, Daniel Curran, Grant Cornwell

Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee made $1.9 million last year, making him the best-paid public-college president in the country. His peers in Ohio’s private colleges and universities don’t come close to that standing. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual survey of private-college president compensation released this week ranks Case Western Reserve University President Barbara [...]

John Kasich’s New Higher Education Funding Formula: Results Equal Funding

Ohio public colleges and universities can expect less state money in the coming years and a different way of distributing it. Gov. John Kasich says the budget he will introduce in February will tie half of Ohio’s four-year universities’ state funding to their graduation rates. Kasich eventually wants to tie all of community-college funding to student performance. Kasich’s [...]

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