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Why Kasich Wants To Make It Easier For High Schoolers To Earn College Credit

JMAZ PHOTO / FLICKR As the cost of college continues to rise, more students are looking for the shortest–and cheapest–path to complete a degree. Ohio already has a number of ways for high school students to take college level courses, but those don’t always count toward a degree. In his recent review of the state [...]

Get Good Grades in Akron, Get Full-Tuition College Scholarship

wrightbrosfan / Flickr Add Akron to a growing number of cities that are cutting this deal with students: Get good grades in high school, graduate and we’ll help you pay for college. The Akron school board has agreed to trade an old high school building to the University of Akron in exchange for full-tuition scholarships for some [...]

How Many Online High School Graduates Really Go On to College?

When we teamed up with the Cleveland Plain Dealer to take a look at how Ohio’s statewide online schools perform, we found something that surprised us: A relatively small percentage of all online school graduates go on to any kind of postsecondary education. By postsecondary education, we mean two-year and four-year programs, as well as vocational programs. [...]

Six Tools to Help You Pick and Pay For a College Education

Scott Beale / Laughing Squid / Flickr Picking a college, and figuring out how to pay for it, is often confusing for students and their families, federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray told our colleagues at WKSU. Cordray said college-bound students crave “real numbers in a format that makes sense of a huge financial undertaking that [...]

Read Ohio Private Student Loan Borrower Complaints, Comments


Much like homeowners who took on private loans that they didn’t fully understand, some students also have taken on loans outside of the federal student loan program that they might not have fully understood, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says. The federal agency recently asked for public comments on the experiences of private student loan borrowers. Among the nearly 2,000 responses it received are these from current or former Ohio students as well as from the association representing private Ohio colleges.

Six Surprising Facts About Education and Workforce Development in Ohio

A 1940 Giacomo Patri linocut depicts working conditions during the Great Depression.

States with higher proportions of highly skilled workers grow faster than those with fewer skilled workers, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland says. By grow, the Fed means in terms of income, productivity and population. And by skilled workers, they mean college-educated people, which they say is a strong though not perfect measure of these [...]

Why We Shouldn’t Fear the China Syndrome

TO GO WITH AFP STORY 'China-Social-Popul

Ed Jones / AFP/Getty Images Headline: Undergraduate Chinese students enrolling in Ohio colleges in record numbers Reality: Ohio has seen a bigger influx in students from Illinois than China over the past 10 years. The Cleveland Plain Dealer writes about Case Western Reserve University, which “like others in Ohio and across the country, has realized [...]

President Obama Tells Students a High School Diploma Isn’t Enough

In President Barack Obama’s back-to-school speech, he told students at a Washington, D.C., high school that some kind of postsecondary education is a must: Now, to do almost any of those things, you have to not only graduate from high school, but continue your education after you leave.  That might mean a four-year university, a [...]

Parents Expect Girls to Go Farther in Schools Than Boys

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images About 22 percent of ninth-graders’ parents expected their daughters to complete a master’s degree, and an additional 25 percent expected their daughters to complete a Ph.D., law, or other professional degree. What about  sons? Approximately 17 percent of ninth-graders’ parents expected their sons to complete a master’s degree, and an [...]

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