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The Essentials of Teacher Performance Pay in Ohio


Ohio policymakers including Gov. John Kasich and GOP lawmakers want to move the current system of basing teacher pay and layoffs on seniority to one under which they’re tied to classroom performance.

Senate Bill 5
would have replaced the current system of paying teachers based on their educational credentials and years of employment to one under which teachers’ pay would be tied to their performance and behavior. However, SB 5 was repealed by voters and never took effect.

The 2011 biennial budget, known as House Bill 153, also includes a performance pay provision. It requires school districts receiving federal Race to the Top funds that said they were going to include performance pay in their plans for using the funds to go ahead and do so. The Ohio Department of Education strongly encourages school districts that did not include performance pay in their plans for the federal funding to implement performance pay for teachers, but does not require them to do so.

Some Ohio school districts, including Cleveland, are already trying out pilot versions of performance pay systems.

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