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State Board of Education on Public Complaints over PARCC Test

District 11 member Mary Rose Oakar of Cleveland (foreground) telling Sen. Peggy Lehner (back) about public complaints over PARCC test.

Ohio public schools are in their third week of issuing standardized tests for students in fourth through sixth grades, eighth grade, and high school. The state legislature passed a law one year ago that eliminates any ramifications for the pupils in this first year of the test. But that hasn’t calmed down members of the [...]

Sen. Sherrod Brown Says SMART Act Will Alleviate Test Burden in Ohio


albertogp123 / flickr A consensus appears to be forming that American schoolchildren are taking too many standardized tests. Liberals complain that it’s being done to punish teachers. Conservatives say the federal government is intruding in local schools. The Ohio Department of Education wants a 20 percent reduction in such tests. Now, they may get some [...]

Putting The Technology Behind Ohio’s New Standardized Exams to The Test


StateImpact Ohio / Amy Hansen Ohio’s students are taking a new batch of standardized testing aligned to the Common Core, the math and English standards adopted by the majority of the country. This year, state officials initially planned for the test to be delivered strictly on a computer, but only about 60 percent of students [...]

Less Than One Month Until Students Take The Latest Round of PARCC Exams


Screen capture of online practice question It’s the final countdown. In just a few weeks, Ohio’s students will take the first set of spring exams aligned to the Common Core. While approximately 70,000 students took a statewide trial run of the exams last spring, those results didn’t actually count. The Ohio Department of Education administered [...]

Hundreds of School Districts Will Test Out Ohio’s New Online Assessments

MR_STEIN / FLICKR Starting March 24th, hundreds of schools around the state will do a test run of Ohio’s new math, language arts, social studies and science online assessments. The computer-based tests are aligned to Ohio’s new learning standards.  They include the Common Core standards that Ohio and 45 other states adopted, as well as state [...]

Common Core Testing Problems Crop Up In Other States

Several states have already started field testing the new Common Core computer-based assessments. And some of those tests didn’t go quite as smoothly as people had hoped. According to Education Week, there were problems with testing in Indiana, Minnesota, Kentucky and Oklahoma. Thousands of students experienced slow loading times of test questions, students were closed [...]

Core Questions: Will the Common Core Hurt Your Chances of Getting Into College?

Common Core apple

StateIm­pact is answering reader-submitted questions about the Common Core, a new set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do in math and English at each grade level. Ohio is one of 45 states that have fully adopted the Common Core. Today, we answer a question about college admissions. The Common Core is supposed to raise expectations [...]

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