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Task Force Offers Suggestions to Tweak Open Enrollment Policy

COMEDY_NOSE / FLICKR Open enrollment‘s been around for 25 years in Ohio. And the state’s school districts have three options when it comes to the policy that allows schools to take in students that live in other districts. They can choose to accept students from anywhere in the state, welcome students only from adjacent districts, [...]

Faced With Tight Budgets, More Ohio Schools Consider Open Enrollment

Faced with a tough financial situation that shows no signs of improvement, more Ohio school districts are considering the idea of opening their doors to their neighboring communities via open enrollment. Cincinnati Public Schools is considering it to help fill its budget, and not for the first time either. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports the district [...]

Is the Kelley Williams-Bolar Case Just a Media Creation?

In a parole board hearing today, Kelley Williams-Bolar, the Akron mother who was convicted on felony records tampering charges for lying in order to send her daughters to the suburban Copley-Fairlawn district, continued to back away from the elements that had brought her case national prominence. She told the parole board that concerns about her [...]

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