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Ohio University President Roderick McDavis and His Wife Get Raises

Ohio University trustees gave President Roderick McDavis a 3-percent raise last month, bringing his base pay to $427,000, the Ohio University Post reports. That comes after a a 6-percent raise last year. Trustees gave McDavis’ wife, Deborah McDavis, a 3-percent raise too in recognition of her “tireless work” for the school, the Post reports. The [...]

Two Stories on the Profits of Online Education

As we wrote earlier this week, there’s money to be made — and saved – in online education. That dynamic is playing out in some interesting ways. At Ohio University, one student says the pricing for digital access to learning materials is outrageous: We are expected to pay for digital access to something that fails to [...]

Ohio University Band Performs Gangnam Style


We’ll have serious Ohio education news later today. Meanwhile, here’s the Ohio University band performing Gangnam Style this weekend. Check out the trombone player move around the 1:30 mark.

Ohio College Presidents Get Million-Dollar Severance Packages, New Home Offers

Some Ohio public university presidents have received million-dollar severance packages and offers of new homes even as tuition costs rise. In Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati trustees unanimously approved paying President Greg Williams nearly $1.3 million over two years. Williams resigned suddenly from his post last month. That includes a $500,000 consulting position and $255,000 faculty salary even [...]

Ohio University Student Fees to Fund Construction of New Athletic Facility

Ohio University students will pay for the construction of a new track and for ongoing maintenance of a new indoor “multipurpose center” designed primarily for university athletic team use. The Ohio University Post reports that part of the school’s “general fee” (which amounts to about $650 per semester) will go to the new facility: The General [...]

Why Ohio College Student-Trustees Won’t be Guaranteed a Vote

Keith Ivey / Flickr A bill that would have given students a greater voice in decisions about how Ohio’s state colleges and universities are run has been diluted in the face of opposition from some schools. HB 377 would have required schools to give student trustees the power to vote on college and university business. Last [...]

Ohio University Students Start Appalachian Student Union

Students at Ohio University are starting an Appalachian Student Union, a group that “believe[s] that together we can make a brighter tomorrow for our region,” according to the Ohio University Post: Programming includes a speaker series, movie nights, a mentorship program and advocating for an Appalachian Studies Program at OU. Each meeting, after we discuss those things, we [...]

Why Private Universities Don’t Have Faculty Unions

Faculty unions at Ohio’s public universities have a lot at stake on November 8, since Senate Bill 5, the collective bargaining law on the ballot as Issue 2, would re-define most full-time faculty as management. That would prevent faculty members from participating in collective bargaining. Faculty unions are vehemently opposing Issue 2. But supporters of [...]

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