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What Ohio Says About Teaching 9/11 in Schools

Ohio is one of about two dozen states that call for some students to know something about 9/11. But unlike places closer to the attacks, like New York City and New Jersey, Ohio doesn’t expect students to learn about the 2001 attacks before high school. The standards defining what Ohio high schoolers should know about American history mention [...]

The Four American Documents Every Ohio High School Student Needs to Know

Fourth Of July Fun

“Would not one better understand social problems, economics, foreign affairs … if they first had a grounding in the foundation of this country’s origins through the study of these founding documents?” Ohio state Rep. John Adams, R-Sidney, asked his colleagues last year. Of course one would be, most said. And so eventually Gov. John Kasich [...]

Ohio Guidelines for Teaching About the 9/11 Attacks

As the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, Education Week reports that fewer than half of U.S. states “explicitly identify the 9/11 attacks in their high school standards for social studies.” But here in Ohio, the state’s new model social studies curriculum includes these guidelines about what to teach high school students about 9/11:

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