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Grant Aims to Increase Internships Across the State

KRISTIE WELLS / FLICKR Ohio’s Board of Regents will hand out nearly $11 million dollars  to more than 25 colleges and universities, along with several state technical centers, to expand their internship and co-op programs. This is the second round of funding from the Ohio Means Internships and Co-Ops grant program, supported through the distribution [...]

Undocumented Students in Gray Area for College Admissions

It’s been nearly a year since the Obama administration gave leniency for some children who immigrated to the United States illegally. Known as DACA – deferred action for childhood arrivals – the measure gives these young people some protection even though they aren’t citizens or legal residents. Nearly 2 million people are eligible for the DACA [...]

Former State Rep. John Carey Appointed Chancellor of Ohio Board of Regents

John Carey has been appointed chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents.

Former state Rep. John Carey will be the new leader of Ohio’s public university system. Gov. John Kasich appointed Carey chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents today, effective Monday. His appointment is subject to state Senate approval. Carey says his biggest goal will be to better align higher education to the jobs that are [...]

Kasich Budget Would Cut Back State-Funded College Internship Program

Last year, the Ohio Board of Regents announced $11 million in funding for a program to provide internships for Ohio college students: The investment is part of Governor John Kasich’s workforce development efforts to continue to align Ohio’s higher education curriculum with skills that are in demand by Ohio’s businesses. Next year, Kasich’s proposed budget would [...]

Key Ohio Education Agencies Now Without Permanent Leaders

motel vacancy sign

Thomas Hawk / Flickr The state agencies that oversee Ohio K-12 and higher education are now without permanent leaders. The Ohio Department of Education has been without a permanent state superintendent of public instruction since former state superintendent Stan Heffner resigned in August. His deputy, Michael Sawyers, now serves as acting state superintendent. But Sawyers  has applied [...]

Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro Retires Today

Courtesy of Kent State University Today was Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro’s last day on the job. Petro, 64, is retiring after decades of public service. “I expect he’ll be working right up to the end of the day,” Board of Regents spokesperson Jeff Robinson said earlier today in an email.

Five Things to Learn From Ohio’s New Teacher Preparation Program Evaluations

Teacher helps student

Gates Foundation / Flickr Ohio colleges and universities produce about 6,000 teachers a year. Now, for the first time, there’s a way to tell which colleges of education are doing a good job and which have, well, room for improvement. The Ohio state agency that oversees higher education — the Board of Regents – has released [...]

Retiring Higher Ed Chief Jim Petro Says Greatest Accomplishment was Collaboration With Department of Education

The retiring chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, Jim Petro, says his greatest accomplishment while heading up the state’s higher education initiatives was to foster greater collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education. Petro reflected on his 29 year career in Ohio government and politics with statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen. “Many people will remember several years [...]

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