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Your Guide to Ohio's State Board of Education


The Ohio state Board of Education sets education policy for the entire state.  The board’s work includes determining Ohio’s academic content standards, adopting rules for state standardized tests and setting teacher licensing requirements, among other items.  The board sets administrative rules affecting schools and school districts, rules on school district territory transfers, district transportation decisions and educator license revocations. The board is also responsible for appointing and evaluating Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The board is comprised of 19 members. Eleven are elected to represent districts and eight are at-large members appointed by the governor. The chairs of the education committees of the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate serve as non-voting, ex officio members. The superintendent of public instruction serves as board secretary.

Debe Terhar of the Cincinnati area is the current board president.

The board generally meets on the second Monday and Tuesday of each month.

Latest Posts

Ohio Board of Ed Considers Dropping Art and Librarian Requirements

The Ohio Board of Education is set to vote Tuesday on a rule change that has sparked anger and debate around Ohio. The board’s Operating Standards Committee has proposed eliminating a requirement that districts hire a certain number of art teachers, librarians, and music teachers, among others, for every 1,000 students in the district. They [...]

Members Walk Out as Ohio Board of Education Considers Change in Standards

A pending vote from the state’s top education leaders could have major ramifications on local schools around Ohio.  The state Board of Education is reviewing almost all of its standards to provide more “flexibility” to local school districts.  This week it considered changing Ohio’s so-called 5 of 8 rule that concerns art teachers, music teachers, [...]

Third Grade Reading Guarantee Leaves Room For Interpretation

Justin, Austin and Davon get personalized instruction from literacy specialist Olivia Weisman.

At  Renwood Elementary School in Parma, just south of Cleveland, Olivia Weisman wraps up a small group reading session with three students: Justin and Austin, both nine years old; and Davon is ten.  They’re in the fourth grade, but none of them has passed the Ohio third grade reading assessment or one of the alternative [...]

2014 Ohio Board of Education Voters Guide


The 19 members of Ohio’s state Board of Education don’t actually create any education-related laws, but they do make some pretty important decisions regarding the state’s education policies–things like setting education operating standards and teacher license requirements. And this Election Day, there are seven contested races across the state looking to fill open seats on [...]

State to Release School Report Cards

Schools and school districts across Ohio will find out today how well they did last year in meeting a range of benchmarks. And just as last year, the annual state report cards will not include an overall grade. Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year the state did away with designations like “excellent with distinction,” “continuous [...]

Teachers Deliver Alarming Allegations Against Charter School

The state board of education is launching an investigation into at least one charter school after hearing disturbing testimony from a group of former teachers. Sexual misconduct, racism, teacher intimidation, questionable testing policies, and mishandling of complaints about those claims were among the allegations the teachers brought to a meeting of the state board of [...]

Students to Retake Third Grade Reading Assessment

Ohio third graders who fell short on the third grade reading assessment get another chance at the test this week. Last spring, 88 percent of Ohio’s third graders scored will enough on the reading assessment to advance to the fourth grade.  That left 12 percent, or about 13-14,000 kids, who scored below the promotion cut-off [...]

Cleveland School District Requests Exemption from State Takeover

It’s no secret that the Cleveland school district hasn’t been doing so well. The writing of a state takeover was on the wall when the district teamed up with the mayor’s office and the governor to pass House Bill 525, aka The Cleveland Plan. Still, under state law when a district gets the equivalent of [...]

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