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November 2012 Election

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Mock Election Results Show Kids Like Obama, Tax Levies and Josh Mandel

Mock election results from more than 80,000 Central Ohio students tell us this: Kids like Barack Obama, tax levies and Josh Mandel–even more than their parents do. Here’s how the results from the 2012 Kids Voting Central Ohio General Election compare with the real General Election results for Franklin County.

Despite New Faces, Not Much Change Expected for State Board of Education

Yesterday, Ohio voters picked members of the State Board of Education in 11 districts. While there are some new faces on the board, there isn’t much change in the board’s political makeup. The 19-member State Board of Education is a non-partisan board. Still, members tend to lean towards one political party or the other. Of [...]

Post-SB 5, Teacher Candidates Falter at the Polls

A dozen teachers and former teachers ran for seats in the Ohio House of Representatives, and two more ran for the state Senate. But just one of them won his race. Most of the teacher-candidates said last year’s battle over collective bargaining for public employees spurred them to run. And many of them hoped the energy [...]

Ohio School Levy Results Follow the Rules, Except for Cleveland and Akron

School levies have been notoriously tough to pass in the last several years as voters struggled with an economy that has been slow to recover. Typically, schools that ask for a renewal of an existing levy get it, while schools that want extra money are turned down. This election mostly followed the rule, though many [...]

State Board of Education Candidates Hope to Get Noticed Down Ballot

Sometimes it feels like the only thing Ohoians have to worry about on Election Day is picking the next president. But, in fact, there are a whole bunch of other races further down the ballot. That includes voting on candidates for the State Board of Education, who are finding it tough to get information out [...]

Cleveland Levy Campaign Spending Tops $1 Million

A school levy campaign takes “hours of fundraising, door knocking and rallying,” WCPN’s Michelle Kanu reports. Also, money: Regardless of the strategy, levy campaigns come with a price tag – sometimes a hefty one.  State law prohibits using public dollars for campaign activities so district leaders often spend months fundraising. The latest campaign finance reports [...]

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