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November 2011 Election Results


In the Nov. 8, 2011 general election, Ohio voters elected public officials, vote on local tax issues, and weigh in on three statewide issues, including a referendum on Senate Bill 5. Senate Bill 5, on the ballot as Issue 2, would strictly limit collective bargaining for public employee unions.

Here’s what was on the ballot:

  • Issue 1, a referendum on a constitutional amendment to increase the maximum age at which a person can be elected or appointed judge from 70 to 75. A “yes” vote increases the maximum age. A “no” vote keeps the age limit as is. (Issue 1 was defeated with 62 percent of voters voting against the amendment.)
  • Issue 2, a referendum on collective bargaining law Senate Bill 5. A “yes” vote allows the law to take effect. A “no” vote repeals it. Learn more about the Pros and Cons of Issue 2. (Issue 2 was defeated with 62 percent of voters voting to repeal the law.)
  • Issue 3, a referendum on a constitutional amendment that would bar any law compelling any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in a health care system. The amendment is aimed at keeping the national health care reform law from taking effect. A “yes” vote approves the amendment. (However, as long as the Supreme Court rules national health care reform constitutional, a “yes” vote would not keep the health-care overhaul from taking effect in Ohio.)  A “no” vote keeps the state constitution as is. (Issue 3 was approved with 66 percent of voters voting for the amendment.)
  • More than 180 school district tax and bond issues. (Many renewal levies passed, while results were mixed for new or additional issues.)
  • Elections for school board members, city, village and township officials and municipal court judges.
  • Tax issues to support libraries, police, road and fire departments and other local issues ranging from charter amendments to aggregation of natural gas prices.


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