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When a New-Tech Model and Business-as-Usual Collide

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District opened a new style of high schools in 2010, “New Tech” high schools that focus on teaching through projects rather than lectures and on integrating technology into the classroom. The New Tech schools are part of a national network of like schools: In addition to the different style of teaching, [...]

Pink Slips and Recalls Part of Job Description for Many Ohio Teachers

Tracey Muniak was laid off from her teaching position in April, recalled in August, and laid off again a week later.

Last spring more than 700 Cleveland teachers were laid off. About 300 of them were called back in the fall, only to be laid off, again, a week later. For many Ohio teachers, job insecurity comes with the territory. Twenty-two years as a Cleveland Municipal School teacher qualifies Tracey Muniak for a continuing contract, one [...]

New Tech High Schools Come to Cleveland

WCPN’s Michelle Kanu visited a New Tech high school on Cleveland’s west side. This New Tech school, housed at Garrett Morgan Cleveland School of Science Academy, is part of a national network of New Tech schools. The schools focus on project-based learning, technology and promoting a specific school culture. There are currently more than 85 [...]

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