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The Momentum of Today’s MOOCs

MR_STEIN / FLICKR When Case Western Reserve University business professor Michael Goldberg first heard a university dean use the term “MOOC“, he quickly used a tactic that many people may have used while talking with their own bosses. “I nodded at him, as if I knew what it meant, and quickly Googled it afterwards,” Goldberg [...]

How MOOC’s are Changing Higher Ed

OSU runs the Generation Rx lab at COSI to teach visitors about the dangers of prescription drugs and household items. The lab will be turned into a MOOC this coming summer, one of the first to be offered by OSU via Coursera.

MOOC’s, aka Massive Open Online Courses are changing the way Higher Ed views technology in the classroom. But some worry MOOC’s aren’t the cure Higher Ed needs.

Two Stories on the Profits of Online Education

As we wrote earlier this week, there’s money to be made — and savedĀ – in online education. That dynamic is playing out in some interesting ways. At Ohio University, one student says the pricing for digital access to learning materials is outrageous: We are expected to pay for digital access to something that fails to [...]

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