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Cleveland Schools Get $6 Million Earmark in State Budget

Grant Hutchinson / Flickr The Cleveland school district is in the midst of an ambitious effort to turn around local schools. Last year, lawmakers in Columbus passed new laws to let the district make sweeping changes. Then Cleveland voters approved a new levy to give the district another $77 million a year from local taxpayers. [...]

How Ohio’s State Budget Affects Local Schools


The state budget Governor Kasich signed last week puts more than $19 billion dollars of state funding into Ohio schools. State GOP leaders are calling it a historic investment in education. WCPN’s David Molpus talked with StateImpact Ohio reporter Molly Bloom about how this state budget affects local schools.

What the Ohio Senate’s Version of the State Budget Does To/For Education

Senate President Keith Faber speaks with reporters Thursday,

The two-year, $61.7 billion state budget approved by the state Senate Thursday would expand funding for public schools over the current state budget, change how state funding is distributed among schools and expand Ohio’s current school voucher program statewide. Among the many changes in the budget:

Ohio Senate School Funding Plan Would Increase Funding Over Ohio House Plan

One dollar bill

Kristy Johnson / Flickr The school funding plan proposed by state Senate Republicans today would increase the total amount of state money going to K-12 schools over the amount proposed by the Ohio House, Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports: Republican State Senator Chris Widener says the basic amount the state spends per pupil in [...]

The Other Way Ohio Legislators Want to Expand Private School Scholarships

State Rep. Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) cosponsored this year's tax credit scholarship bill along with state Rep. Andrew Brenner (R-Powell).

Ohio legislators are pushing a double-barrelled attempt to expand publicly subsidized scholarships that allow students to attend private schools. In this year’s state budget, Gov. John Kasich proposed an expansion of Ohio’s existing voucher program that would make half of Ohio children eligible for private school vouchers. Now state legislators have reintroduced a bill that would [...]

Online Charter Schools Could Split in Two, Avoiding State Cap on New Schools


Dan Honda / Contra Costa Times/Landov This fall Ohio will lift a moratorium on the creation of new online schools, allowing up to five new online schools to open. But a provision inserted into the House version of the state budget earlier this month could expand online education in Ohio even further. Under the provision, Ohio’s existing online schools could [...]

Ohio Charter Schools Could Enroll Out-Of-State Students


Brian McKechnie / Flickr Ohio charter schools could enroll out-of-state students — and charge them tuition — under a provision inserted into the House version of the state budget earlier this month, giving the publicly funded schools another source of revenue. Traditional public schools can already allow students from other states to enroll. Out-of-state tuition rates [...]

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