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Years of Budget Cuts Has Meant Fewer Teachers, Courses in Ohio

Ohio school districts have been dealing with fewer dollars from the state and federal government for years. That’s meant cutting back on teachers, which in turn leads to higher class sizes and fewer course offerings. But the Associated Press reports that trend has continued for years, compounding to a 6 percent loss in the number [...]

Schools Use Coin Toss to Decide Who Gets Laid Off

South Africa v Sri Lanka - Fifth One Day International

Duif du Toit / Gallo Images/Getty Images Heads you stay, tails you go. In making decisions about who gets laid off, it’s common for Ohio school union contracts to call for a coin toss. We first heard about this from the Buckeye Institute, which reports that the union contract for Westerville aides, secretaries and study [...]

Teachers Long for More Stability in Layoffs

Cleveland teacher Gregory Dore says when he started teaching a decade ago, he figured it was one of the most stable jobs. He's been laid off four times in the past three years.

April 30th is the deadline to notify teachers if their contracts will not be renewed next year. Hundreds of teachers statewide have already gotten their pink slips. Getting laid off is never easy, but sometimes, the uncertainty can be just as devastating as the loss of jobs.

Spring Signals Hundreds of Teacher Layoffs in Ohio

Cleveland teacher Kamili Gulley was laid off for the first time this week. She has her Masters Degree, and is a high school teacher in the district.

Ohio schools have to notify teachers of contracts that won’t be renewed by April 30. That means hundreds of teachers around the state will be getting pink slips over the next few weeks. This week, the Cleveland School Board voted to lay off 500 teachers – about 17 percent of its teaching force. Kamili Gulley, [...]

SB 5 or No, Seniority is Out of Teacher Layoff Decisions

V. Becker / Flickr During the campaign over collective bargaining law Senate Bill 5, polls foretold the law’s eventual repeal by voters. But even as nearly 60 percent of voters said they didn’t like SB 5, a sizable minority of Ohioans – around 40 percent – said they liked one part of it: The idea of eliminating [...]

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