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Your Guide to How Gov. John Kasich Would Fund Ohio Colleges and Universities

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College Costs Keep Rising As Families Struggle to Pay

SHARON DRUMMOND / FLICKR Parents of college students–and recent college graduates know firsthand–the price tag for a higher education keeps rising. In their new series Paying for College, NPR is taking a look at how the average tuition cost went from affordable to sky-high, and all the avenues families are using to seek financial aid. As [...]

Kasich Tacks on New Education Plans In Budget Review Process

STOCK NEWS PHOTO / IDEASTREAM In his state of the state speech last month, Ohio Governor John Kasich said he wants to make a number of changes to education: Develop a plan to keep students from dropping out. Create a community connectors program that integrates mentors and other social services into school districts. Allow middle [...]

Ohio’s Colleges Are Earning State Funding A Little Differently

KRISTIE WELLS / FLICKR Tucked into a list of education proposals Governor Kasich unveiled in his State of the State speech Monday was a measure that actually has already taken affect – making funding to colleges and universities dependent on student success. The new higher education funding formula already passed as part of the state [...]

What the Ohio Senate’s Version of the State Budget Does To/For Education

Senate President Keith Faber speaks with reporters Thursday,

The two-year, $61.7 billion state budget approved by the state Senate Thursday would expand funding for public schools over the current state budget, change how state funding is distributed among schools and expand Ohio’s current school voucher program statewide. Among the many changes in the budget:

John Kasich’s New Higher Education Funding Formula: Results Equal Funding

Ohio public colleges and universities can expect less state money in the coming years and a different way of distributing it. Gov. John Kasich says the budget he will introduce in February will tie half of Ohio’s four-year universities’ state funding to their graduation rates. Kasich eventually wants to tie all of community-college funding to student performance. Kasich’s [...]

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