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Schools Jumping on the iPad Bandwagon

With more and more Ohio schools buying iPads and other tablets, WCPN’s David Molpus talked with me about the pros and cons of using tablets in the classroom. One question he posed was, “With all the talk about iPads, are laptops still useful?”

Some Educators Question Whether iPads are the Solution to Everything

Students use Ipad digital tablets

Fred Dufour / AFP/Getty Images The iPad is becoming one of the most popular purchases in the world of educational technology. Schools are using the tablets to teach the principles of physics, get students excited about spelling, and help students collaborate on class projects. Now some schools plan to use iPads to administer state tests which soon [...]

Cleveland Heights Schools End iPad Project After Students Become Targets for Mugging

Brad Flickinger / Flickr Cleveland Heights-University Heights school leaders were really excited about a new project to give every middle school student an iPad. Now the district is ending part of that project after a dozen students were mugged for their iPads. A 12-year-old girl was punched by a male teenager who then stole her iPad, Cleveland [...]

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