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New Report Praises Ohio For Promoting College and Career Readiness

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A new report gives Ohio high marks in pursuing policies to better prepare public school students for college and the work force. It comes from the Education Commission of the States, which is made up of educators and officials of each state.  It’s the same group that developed the Common Core learning standards. Titled Blueprint [...]

Why Kasich Wants To Make It Easier For High Schoolers To Earn College Credit

JMAZ PHOTO / FLICKR As the cost of college continues to rise, more students are looking for the shortest–and cheapest–path to complete a degree. Ohio already has a number of ways for high school students to take college level courses, but those don’t always count toward a degree. In his recent review of the state [...]

College Costs Keep Rising As Families Struggle to Pay

SHARON DRUMMOND / FLICKR Parents of college students–and recent college graduates know firsthand–the price tag for a higher education keeps rising. In their new series Paying for College, NPR is taking a look at how the average tuition cost went from affordable to sky-high, and all the avenues families are using to seek financial aid. As [...]

Ohio’s Colleges Are Earning State Funding A Little Differently

KRISTIE WELLS / FLICKR Tucked into a list of education proposals Governor Kasich unveiled in his State of the State speech Monday was a measure that actually has already taken affect – making funding to colleges and universities dependent on student success. The new higher education funding formula already passed as part of the state [...]

As Loan Debt Rises, Colleges Encourage Students to Graduate On Time

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IMAGES_OF_MONEY / FLICKR In 2012, college graduates in Ohio walked away with an average of about $29,037 of student loan debt. That puts Ohio ninth in the country for the average amount of student debt, according to a recent study from The Institute for College Access and Success. Nationwide, average student loan debt has increased [...]

State Committee Brainstorms Ways to Improve Ohio’s Higher Ed System

Kent State University

Christina Hagan was still in college in Stark County when she was appointed to an unexpired term in the House of Representatives in 2011. She had taken full-time class loads, needed no remedial classes and had a head start through a program known as postsecondary, where high school seniors earn college credits. But she acknowledges [...]

Grant Money Helps Colleges Lure Minorities Into STEM Majors

Net_efekt / Flickr Ohio State University and ten other higher education institutions around Ohio are sharing a $3.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to recruit minority students into the science, technology, engineering and math fields. The grant is awarded through the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation program and creates a partnership among the eleven campuses. [...]

Ohio College Students Face Rising Debts

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College applications deadlines are approaching, and Ohio students are figuring out how to fund that education. Compared with several years ago, financial aid is down, and student debt is up.

Is There a Future for Liberal Arts?

With the cost of higher education skyrocketing, a student debt crisis, and American families unable to keep up, is there a place for small, private, highly-priced liberal arts schools such as Kenyon College in the future? Kenyon College President Sean Decatur spoke to the City Club Forum about the issue and the direction his institution [...]

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