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Why the Current State School Funding Formula is Better than a Kick in the Head

401K / Flickr Ohio public schools are funded through a mix of state, local and federal dollars. This school year, most school districts saw deep cuts in the state funding part of that equation: The 2011 biennial budget cut $1.8 billion in state funding for public schools, leaving schools to struggle to close gaps between the dollars planned [...]

Ohio Continues to Fall Short on Providing High-Quality Preschool

Researchers and politicians on both sides of the aisle agree: good pre-kindergarten programs are essential for success in school, particularly for low income children. But for the second year in a row, state funding for pre-K has dropped nationwide. And in Ohio, the cuts have been particularly deep. StateImpact Ohio’s Molly Bloom reports.

Former Kasich Education Advisor Bob Sommers Opens the Kimono

If only government officials were this chatty while they were still in office. A couple weeks ago, Bob Sommers, lead education advisor to Gov. John Kasich, announced his resignation, effective Jan. 31. (He’ll be replaced by former superintendent Richard Ross.) On Feb. 1, this interview with lead Kasich education advisor Bob Sommers ran on education pundit [...]

A Look at Ohio’s New Teacher Evaluation System

teacher cupcakes

The defeat of Issue 2 on Tuesday does not mean the end of a new teacher evaluation system. In fact, the State Board of Education has been overseeing the development of a framework for teacher evaluations for months. A 2009 law said the state’s Educator Standards Board should develop a new and improved way to [...]

The New, Restructured Ohio Department of Education

The Ohio schools chief announced the first round of job cuts in the state Department of Education restructuring plan today. Twenty-six positions are being eliminated department-wide, and more will be cut in the future, interim state superintendent Heffner told staff today. The department saw a $6.3 million reduction over two years of its operating budget [...]

State Budget Agreement Reached

A conference committee of state lawmakers reached an agreement on Ohio’s two-year, $112 billion budget late Monday night, voting 4-2 on party lines to approve the budget. The Senate will likely vote on the compromise budget today, and the House on Wednesday. Gov. Kasich has said he plans to sign the budget Thursday, and the [...]

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