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Student Who Beat Up Gay Classmate Sentenced to 90 Days

The Union-Scioto teen who beat up a gay classmate was sentenced to 90 days in a juvenile detention center earlier this month. Initially, the 15-year-old was given a three-day suspension by the school. But after cell phone footage went viral on the web and raised international attention, the boy was formally charged with and admitted to [...]

Commenters Point the Finger At Parents, Teachers, Admins in Gay Bullying Case

Our recent story about a video of a gay teenager getting bullied got many of you talking. Karen reflected the views of many of you when she wrote about her outrage over the initial reprimand for the assailant in the story: Suspended for 3 days? This was premeditated violence. Please tell me offender was arrested. [...]

Ohio Schools Urged to Better Protect Gay Teens After Bullying Video Goes Viral

Just days before Huston was attacked at school, he received harassing comments on his Facebook page.

The case of an openly gay Ohio student whose vicious bullying attack was caught on video is increasing calls for anti bullying policies aimed specifically at protecting gays. The video went viral on the web, prompting the school district to take action. It may even have an effect on pending legislation at the statehouse.   [...]

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