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Gov. John Kasich’s Stance on Charter Schools

STOCK NEWS PHOTO / IDEASTREAM Right from his very first term, Kasich made his views on school choice–including charter schools–very clear. “More choice, more accountability, more dollars in the classroom instead of bureaucracy will improve our schools, and we are going to have a significant reform agenda,”  he said in his State of the State [...]

Kasich Stands By State Superintendent Ross

STOCK NEWS PHOTO / IDEASTREAM Gov. John Kasich is standing by his top education leader in the wake of controversy surrounding a charter school investigation. The probe was launched after a group of teachers alleged sexual misconduct, racism and possible cheating was going on at a Dayton charter school. But some believe more could’ve been [...]

Some Background on Ohio’s Pre-K Spending

msr / Flickr Last week, Cuyahoga County Executive and governor candidate hopeful Ed FitzGerald announced a plan to roll out universal preschool education if he’s elected this fall. The concept of pre-k for all is an idea that educators largely believe pays off in setting kids up for success in kindergarten and beyond. Ohio already [...]

Life Circumstances Another Factor Why Students Drop Out

LOOP_OH / FLICKR Over the past few months, StateImpact has been reporting on different aspects of the dropout problem in Ohio. Research shows students who have a low level of literacy, a high truancy rate, learning disabilities, or who get pregnant as teens have a higher likelihood of dropping out of school. But there are [...]

Kasich Tacks on New Education Plans In Budget Review Process

STOCK NEWS PHOTO / IDEASTREAM In his state of the state speech last month, Ohio Governor John Kasich said he wants to make a number of changes to education: Develop a plan to keep students from dropping out. Create a community connectors program that integrates mentors and other social services into school districts. Allow middle [...]

Five Things To Know About Vocational Ed in Ohio

After a twenty year decline in enrollment, vocational education is back in vogue. As employers around the state complain about not being able to find enough qualified workers to fill the jobs they have open, schools and political leaders are starting to take notice. Governor John Kasich recently said he wants to expand vocational education to [...]

Kasich’s State of the State May Have Missed Some Big Education Points

News Staff / Ideastream A major portion of Governor John Kasich’s State of the State speech focused on education. And despite Kasich outlining some ideas about how to keep kids from dropping out of school and gaining access to college, the president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers says the governor still may have missed [...]

Kasich Proposes New Initiatives for Dropout Prevention in State of The State Speech

MICHELLE KANU / IDEASTREAM Governor Kasich devoted much of his state of the state speech proposing new education initiatives aimed at keeping those at risk of dropping out engaged and working toward a career. Kasich began his discussion of education by describing a hypothetical teenager, unnamed, living somewhere in Ohio, who has lost all interest [...]

Kasich Unveils Big Plans For Education in 4th State of the State Speech

MICHELLE KANU / IDEASTREAM Ohio Governor John Kasich devoted nearly 20 minutes to education in his annual State of the State speech on Monday night. After giving a nod to the Cleveland Plan and hinting that he might support other districts seeking help from the state legislature to improve student achievement, Kasich raised a number [...]

Kasich Comment on Deregulating Schools Brings Education Issues into Governor’s Race

News Staff / Ideastream In a recent appearance at the Ohio Newspaper Association in Columbus, Governor John Kasich briefly mentioned the idea of bringing deregulation to Ohio schools. “I’ve talked to Dick Ross about the need to bring about some deregulation,” Kasich said. “If we have deregulation in some way of rules that are connected [...]

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