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The General Education Development exam, which is more commonly known as the GED, evaluates skills that are normally learned during the four years of high school. It’s been the go-to test for those without a high school diploma looking to get a job or get into college.

Social studies, science, math, reading, and writing have always been the content areas that the test has assessed during its 71-year-history. The exam has gone through four updates in its 71-year-history.

An updated of the test will launch in January 2014. There’s a few big changes– the test will only be offered on paper, the questions will be tougher, and it will cost more.

Nicole Chestang, Vice President of the GED Testing Services, said these changes are necessary to in the current job market.

“The test is aligned with college and career readiness standards that have been adopted by most of the United States in order to ensure that people who graduate with a high school diploma are ready for the jobs of the future and are ready to handle credit bearing courses in college,” she explained.

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