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Online Charter Schools Could Split in Two, Avoiding State Cap on New Schools


Dan Honda / Contra Costa Times/Landov This fall Ohio will lift a moratorium on the creation of new online schools, allowing up to five new online schools to open. But a provision inserted into the House version of the state budget earlier this month could expand online education in Ohio even further. Under the provision, Ohio’s existing online schools could [...]

Online Schools Spend Millions on Advertising to Recruit New Students

In the stories on online education we wrote with the Cleveland Plain Dealer earlier this year, we looked at the huge growth in online charter schools and one of the big questions about those schools: Where does the money go? We found it’s possible to run an online school for about $3,600 per student. But [...]

Officials, Educators Question Whether Online Schools are Making the Grade

Tom Woodward / Flickr Ohio has more students enrolled in full-time, online schools than most other states. (We teamed up with the Cleveland Plain Dealer) to write about online schools in Ohio last month.) Now Reuters reports that “a backlash is building” among those who question online schools’ performance: But the anger and skepticism elsewhere [...]

A Day in the Life at an E-School

Clinton Zehr was a student at the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.

Every day, 33,000 Ohio students attend class not in a building, but through their laptops. The trend of online education has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last ten years. But what’s it like to take an online class? Or to teach one? StateImpact Ohio tagged along with one school teacher, Treva Matalon, and [...]

How Online Education is Changing School in Ohio

Corein Loving, 17, works on his online AP Art studies at a "blended learning" charter school in Cleveland.

More than 30,000 Ohio students attend school online, skipping buses, cafeterias and classrooms to do their lessons entirely by computer, often at home, typing in tests and papers to be reviewed by a teacher far away. That’s more than 12 times the number of students enrolled online in 2000, when Ohio’s first virtual school opened. [...]

How Much Does It Cost to Run an Online School?

Shontyana Black, 18, of Brunswick, gets some online course advice from TRECA Digital Academy regional coordinator Denise Kovatch during a September orientation session.

Robert Mengerink didn’t know how much an online school really costs to operate – until he started one. When he learned this summer that the agency he heads, the Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County, could offer a basic online program for less than half of what the state pays online schools per student, he [...]

Is Outsourcing Your Online Teaching Job Outright Cheating or Plain Old Common Sense?

hobvias sudoneighm / Flickr Marilyn Hiestand was a teacher at one of Ohio’s largest online schools, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, or ECOT. She lost her teaching license earlier this month after the school found out she hired a former student to do some of her work. (See Student Impersonates Teacher at Ohio Online School For More [...]

First-Day-of-School Hiccups Happen at Ohio’s Largest Online Schools Too

Online schools don’t have buses and buildings, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune from first day of school hiccups. While the Columbus school district dealt with bus delays and Cleveland told as many as 290 families to show up at a school that doesn’t exist, Ohio’s two largest online schools had a few issues of their [...]

Homeschooling Association Advises Parents to Avoid Online Charter Schools

coleydude / Flickr The Home School Legal Defense Association is telling Ohio parents to think twice before enrolling their children in online charter schools. HSLDA says in a recent message to members: Although there may appear to be some similarities, particularly as to where the instruction takes place, i.e. in the home, HSLDA sees homeschooling [...]

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