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StateImpact Ohio Commenter Conducts His Own Chat with Diane Ravitch

We talked last week with education professor Diane Ravitch, one of the leading anti-education reform reformers. (Gross oversimplification of her views: We test kids too much, the real problem with schools is poverty, oh, and charters schools and vouchers are bad.) Ravitch told us, “There’s no evidence that vouchers improve education. There’s no evidence that charters [...]

What Would You Ask Diane Ravitch?

A few weeks ago we posed some of your questions to education reformer and former Chancellor of D.C. schools, Michelle Rhee. Well now we snagged a few minutes with Diane Ravitch, the anti-Michelle Rhee of sorts. Ravitch is an education historian and the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education under George H. W. Bush. She’s [...]

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