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Meet Nate DeRolph, School Funding Poster Child

When it comes to the controversy over school funding in Ohio, one name comes up time and time again: Nate DeRolph. But he never set out to become the poster child for school funding equality. In 1991, he was a freshman at Sheridan High School half an hour east of Columbus when one day a [...]

Your Guide to the Ups and Downs of School Funding in Ohio

Governor John Kasich is expected to reveal his plan to overhaul Ohio’s school funding formula this week. It’s an issue lawmakers and the courts have tackled before. Several times. So what’s wrong with the way we fund schools now?

Kasich School Funding Model Could Send Local Dollars to Charter and Private Schools

MoneyBlogNewz / Flickr A new school-funding model being developed by Governor John Kasich’s administration could allow local property tax dollars to follow students to charter schools or be used to fund vouchers for private-school tuition. Right now, only state tax money can do that. The change–which some call “portable” funding–is among a list of overhauls [...]

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