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Cincinnati Media Airs One-Hour TV Special About Why You Really Should Graduate From High School

Graduation cap and gown

Alix Clinkingbeard / Flickr About 60 percent of Cincinnati high school students graduate within four years, according to the most recent state figures. Now Cincinnati public media organization CET and television station WCPO have produced a television program explaining what schools, businesses, social service organizations and others are doing to help more Cincinnati-area students graduate from high [...]

In Ohio, There Is Such a Thing as (More) Free Lunch

U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr More Ohio students will get free school meals next school year thanks to changes to federal school meal programs. The way most school meal programs work now, parents have to fill out an application in order for their child to get free meals at school. And school districts have [...]

After Death of Home-Schooled Girl Makayla Norman, Ohio Legislature Unlikely to Make Changes

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and House Speaker Bill Batchelder told homeschooling advocates they see little need to change state laws regulating homeschooling in response to the death of a 14-year old Dayton girl who was homeschooled and starved to death in her home, the Home School Legal Defense Association says. (H/t to Innovation Ohio’s Stephen [...]

As a Group, Ohio Urban Charter Schools Deliver Similar Performance for Less Money

Ohio charter schools in the state’s “Big 8″ urban districts perform about the same as other public schools in those districts — at about three-fourths of the cost. (The view varies by district: You can use our sortable table of district and charter school performance to see how each area measures up.) Thirteen years in, [...]

Sortable Table: Ohio Charter School Performance and Costs

jumping child

The performance of charter schools in the state’s largest urban districts ranges: In Cleveland, significantly more charter school students are on-grade level than their traditional public school counterparts, but charter schools spend about $4,000 less per student. In Akron, the traditional public school students are way ahead, but at a cost of about $3,000 more per student.

Ohio School Districts Among Top Ten Nationally for Charter Enrollment

Four Ohio school districts are among the top ten districts nationally with the highest proportions of students enrolled in charter schools, according to a new report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, a nonprofit organization that nonprofit organization that works to advance “the charter school movement.”

The Ohio districts in the top ten are Dayton (27 percent), Youngstown (24 percent), Cleveland (23 percent) and Toledo (23 percent).

Ohio Charter School Sponsors Now Face Sanctions for Schools’ Poor Academic Performance

For the first time, Ohio charter-school sponsors with poorly performing schools have been banned from taking on new charter schools. But the sponsors affected by this new ban work with relatively few of the state’s charter schools. The Ohio Department of Education released a ranking of all Ohio charter school sponsors yesterday. At the top [...]

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