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Our ultimate goal is to be both accountable for our coverage and transparent with our audience. To that end, any StateImpact story that requires a factual correction will be updated to reflect the change, and include an “editor’s note” to say what the nature of the correction or clarification was.

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Week Ahead: Report Card Data, State Board of Education Voters’ Guide and More

Coming Up This Week Tuesday: Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding event in Powell featuring Diane Ravitch. Tuesday: Ohio Department of Education to release the rest of the “preliminary” school report-card data, including school and district letter grades. Wednesday-Thursday: National conference on educator misconduct hosted in Cincinnati. Includes panels on cheating, sexual abuse.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio Asks Higher One to Improve University Banking Deals

Many universities have contracts with banking institutions to handle financial aid disbursements or to link students’ school IDs to debit accounts. Some, like the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, have criticized these contracts for duping students into ominous banking relationships riddled with fees. Universities defend the deals, saying they make financial transactions easier for both [...]

Marion City, Elgin and Newark Schools Among Those Under State Investigation

Cliff / Flickr The approximately 100 schools under state scrutiny for altering student attendance data include schools in three central Ohio school districts, CentralOhio.com reports. Marion City, Elgin and Newark are all part of the state auditor’s investigation. Ohio Department of Education staff helped investigators in the state auditor’s office identify schools with high numbers of [...]

See What Kind of Banking Deal Your University Has

University's often partner with banks to link student ID cards to bank accounts, or the handle financial aid disbursements.

Earlier this month, Higher One agreed to make restitution of $11 million to college students for overcharging them in debit card fees and other ways. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which regulates such banking agreements, Higher One also has to pay a $110,000 civil fine and must change the way it imposes fees on [...]

School Levies Struggled in August 7 Summer Election

School levies around the state did not fair well in Tuesday’s election. Twenty-five failed, 10 passed, and one was pulled from the ballot. If you’re keeping score, that means more than 70 percent of school levies failed. Schools have struggled to get levies passed in the last few elections, and there’s a pretty easy explanation [...]

Election Day is Today for Aug. 7 School Levies

Molly Bloom / StateImpact Ohio Today, voters in 34 school districts across Ohio face elections on their local school districts’ tax rates. Most of those elections are for new taxes, mostly in the form of property taxes rather than income taxes. Expect to see dozens more school levies on the November ballot though, including levies in Cleveland, [...]

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