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Our ultimate goal is to be both accountable for our coverage and transparent with our audience. To that end, any StateImpact story that requires a factual correction will be updated to reflect the change, and include an “editor’s note” to say what the nature of the correction or clarification was.

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Why Ohio’s Early Charter School Era Was Kind Of Like Medieval Times

Bill SIms

Ohio’s first charter school opened 15 years ago. And in those early days of the charter school movement, things were rather “feudal,” says Bill Sims, head of the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools: Initial stakeholders had their own lobbyists. They had their own ramparts but without much of a developed community roundtable. And i [...]

See How Quickly the Common Core Debate Has Shifted in Ohio

Some schools are already teaching the Common Core curriculum, and using Common Core text books like this one.

Just a few months ago, there wasn’t much public controversy surrounding the new academic standards Ohio is rolling out in its public schools. Seemingly every big player in state education policy supported the Common Core standards. The teachers unions, school administrators, PTA and department of education all agreed that new standards were a good idea. [...]

Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee Announces Retirement

Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee

Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee announced today he plans to retire July 1. Gee’s retirement comes less than a week after an earlier Board of Trustees reprimand for comments regarding Catholics and the Southeastern Conference became public. Gee has served as Ohio State president since 2007 and previously served in the same post [...]

Why It’s So Hard for Rural Schools to Pass Levies

Carrollton Schools in rural Carol County hasn’t passed a levy since 1977. Union Local Schools in rural Belmont County hasn’t passed an operating levy since 1976. And the mid 1990′s was the last time officials at Warren Local Schools in rural Washington County managed to pass a levy for new funds to run the district. [...]

Let’s (Not) Talk About Gateway Sexual Activity, Baby

Mister Asta / Flickr An amendment added to the state budget bill yesterday prohibits teachers from talking about any “gateway sexual activity” and directs them to emphasize abstinence in sex education. Teachers who don’t comply could be fined up to $5,000 if the measure passes. So just what is “gateway sexual activity?” House members deferred to [...]

What Gov. Kasich’s 2013 Budget Does for Education

Much of the talk about Gov. John Kaich’s 2013 budget proposal has focused on a new way to divvy up state funding among K-12 schools. But that’s not all the budget does. Among the other changes slated to be included in Kasich’s budget legislation: Giving more school districts additional flexibility to move away from traditional [...]

Why Monday’s Budget Proposal is Important to Ohio Schools

Governor John Kasich’s new plan to fund schools was greeted with a sigh of relief yesterday. It promises no cuts to schools, and instead plans to invest $1.2 billion in education over the next two years. But now, school superintendents and education advocates are left with a lot of questions.

Report Says Ohio Charter Schools Skirting Closure Laws

A new report from Policy Matter Ohio, a liberal think tank, found that some charter schools that have been ordered to close for poor performance have managed to stay open with largely the same staff, and often in the same location, just under a different name. Ohio’s charter school closure laws were tightened a couple [...]

Teacher Candidates Hope to Leave Their Classrooms for the Statehouse

This time last year, Ohio airwaves were flooded with political ads urging people to vote for or against Senate Bill 5. That was the state law that would have curbed public employees’ ability to collectively bargain, and it lost – big. After that election, many teachers decided they want to become a more direct part of [...]

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