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College Degrees May Bring Debt, But Can Also Bring Higher Wages, Advancement

j.o.h.n. walker / Flickr Chances are that if you’ve nailed a college degree to your wall recently, you’re also nailed with debt. But some new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland says degree earners are still better off in the long-term than those without a diploma. The study examined households of people in [...]

Starbucks Offers Baristas A Chance to Earn A Free College Education

Ivana DiCarlo / FLICKR Starbucks’ umbrella of coffee and tea shops offer their employees a handful of perks that are seemingly rare in the world of retail jobs, like stock options, health insurance, 401(k) matching, and free coffee every week. And now there’s one more impressive addition to the list: a free college education, the [...]

Ohio College Students Face Rising Debts

piggy bank with iou

College applications deadlines are approaching, and Ohio students are figuring out how to fund that education. Compared with several years ago, financial aid is down, and student debt is up.

Is There a Future for Liberal Arts?

With the cost of higher education skyrocketing, a student debt crisis, and American families unable to keep up, is there a place for small, private, highly-priced liberal arts schools such as Kenyon College in the future? Kenyon College President Sean Decatur spoke to the City Club Forum about the issue and the direction his institution [...]

Ashland University Cuts Tuition by $10,000

Officials at Ashland University hope to address the concerns of sticker shocked parents by reducing the cost of tuition by about $10,000. Tuition for the 2014-2015 school year was estimated to be $30,604 but following a “reset” in the university’s cost structure, tuition will be $18,908. Room and board fees will cost the same. From [...]

The Sound of Ideas Discusses College Costs

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cogdogblog / Flickr WCPN’s daily talk show The Sound of Ideas yesterday focused on the rising cost of college. Guests included: Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents John Carey; Bruce Johnson, president of the Inter-University Council, which advocates for the state’s public universities;

Undocumented Students in Gray Area for College Admissions

It’s been nearly a year since the Obama administration gave leniency for some children who immigrated to the United States illegally. Known as DACA – deferred action for childhood arrivals – the measure gives these young people some protection even though they aren’t citizens or legal residents. Nearly 2 million people are eligible for the DACA [...]

Helping Out-of-State Students Vote Could Cost Ohio Colleges

A provision added into the state budget passed by the House – and now being considered in the Senate – would prohibit Ohio colleges and universities from charging students out-of-state tuition if they help them vote in the state. Out-of-state students attending school in Ohio are allowed to vote if they’ve lived in the state [...]

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