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National Advocate Discusses Early Childhood Reading at City Club

Barbara O’Brien, National Policy Director for the Campaign for Grade Level Reading, spoke at the City Club on June 6. Dr. O’Brien discussed how the campaign collaborates with foundations and communities across the country to help increase the high school graduation rate for students from low-income families. The Campaign focuses on grade-level reading by the [...]

Fewer Ohio Graduates Need Remedial College Classes

Sagolla / Flickr The number of Ohio graduates who need remedial college courses is declining, but only slightly. A new statewide report shows 40 percent of high school students who got their diplomas in 2012 needed basic math or English classes when they enrolled in an Ohio public community college or university. That’s down from [...]

What You Want to Know About Your School: How Many Kids Go to College?

pre-K graduate

StateImpact Ohio asked readers and listeners: What do you actually want to know about your local schools? We tracked down some of the most commonly requested information for you. Here you’ll find information about how many graduates of public Ohio high schools go on to college and how many were actually ready to take college-level courses.

New College Remediation-Free Standards Set for Ohio

More than 40 percent of Ohio students who go on to college aren’t ready to take college courses. Instead, they first have to take remedial classes to catch up. That means they’re paying for courses without getting any credit for them, and learning things they should have learned in high school. But who has to [...]

Tests that Place Many Ohio Students in Remedial Classes Flawed, Study Says

Ohio state officials have been saying for a while now that around 40 percent of Ohio high school graduates aren’t ready for college-level work. They base that figure on a 2009 report from the Ohio Board of Regents that says that about 40 percent of students who enroll in Ohio’s public colleges and universities are [...]

Gov. Kasich’s Education Year in Review

Gov. John Kasich’s gave a year-end press conference at the Governor’s Residence today. The focus was on job creation. But Kasich’s narrative took in education too, hinting at what changes parents and educators can expect to see in 2012 and what they can expect to stay the same.

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