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Federal Administration Plans to Launch College Ratings System


charamelody / flickr Next fall, incoming college freshmen will have a new way to measure their schools. That’s when the federal government plans to release its first ratings report for U.S. colleges and universities. And while the details are still murky, just the idea of the report is making some institutions of higher learning a [...]

Ohio College Students Face Rising Debts

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College applications deadlines are approaching, and Ohio students are figuring out how to fund that education. Compared with several years ago, financial aid is down, and student debt is up.

Is There a Future for Liberal Arts?

With the cost of higher education skyrocketing, a student debt crisis, and American families unable to keep up, is there a place for small, private, highly-priced liberal arts schools such as Kenyon College in the future? Kenyon College President Sean Decatur spoke to the City Club Forum about the issue and the direction his institution [...]

The Sound of Ideas Discusses College Costs

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cogdogblog / Flickr WCPN’s daily talk show The Sound of Ideas yesterday focused on the rising cost of college. Guests included: Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents John Carey; Bruce Johnson, president of the Inter-University Council, which advocates for the state’s public universities;

What Kindergarteners Would Do With $100 (Besides Save it for College)

Recently, officials in Cuyahoga County announced they would like to create savings accounts for every one of the 15,000 kindergarteners in the county. The plan, if approved, would be to put $100 into the accounts and encourage family members and local philanthropic organizations to add to them over the years. The hope is that creating [...]

Cuyahoga County Hopes $100 in a Savings Account Will Send All Kindergarteners to College

Starting next year, Cuyahoga County plans to put $100 into savings accounts for all of its kindergarteners. It will be the biggest college-savings account program of its kind in the country. The announcement came at the annual Invest in Children conference, held earlier today. The program will cover about 15,000 children in the county, costing [...]

Six Tools to Help You Pick and Pay For a College Education

Scott Beale / Laughing Squid / Flickr Picking a college, and figuring out how to pay for it, is often confusing for students and their families, federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray told our colleagues at WKSU. Cordray said college-bound students crave “real numbers in a format that makes sense of a huge financial undertaking that [...]

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