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Teachers Caught in the Middle of Issue 2 Campaigns

Cleveland teacher Tracy Muniach has been spending her free time campaigning against Issue 2.

Voters in Ohio have been seeing a lot of ads telling them which way to vote on Issue 2, the ballot measure that could overturn a law passed in the spring that limits public employee unions’ collective bargaining rights. Organized labor, including the teachers unions, is spending heavily to defeat the measure. But at the same [...]

Daily Digest: What the Blogosphere Thinks of Kasich’s Proposed SB 5 Compromise

Governor John Kasich proposed a compromise on Senate Bill 5, the state’s recently passed collective bargaining law, yesterday. But first he wants opponents to pull the referendum opposing the law off of the November ballot. We are Ohio, the group campaigning to repeal SB 5, hasn’t responded warmly to Kasich’s offer. The blogosphere’s reaction: Third [...]

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