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Cleveland Takes Biggest Hit from Kasich Education Budget Veto

Governor Kasich’s veto of two items in the state’s education budget were supposed to trim back funding to wealthy districts.  But not every district suffering losses was well-off. Governor Kasich wanted a budget that sent more money to poor districts and cut funding to rich districts.  The House and Senate version flattened it out so no [...]

Governor on Charter Reform, Funding, and Youngstown Schools

Just two days after delivering his biennium budget proposal, Governor John Kasich visited a charter school in Cleveland. The E Prep & Village Prep Woodland Hills School is a successful elementary charter that is sponsored by the city’s public school district. The Governor used the moment to talk about charter reform, his distribution of school [...]

Cleveland Schools Get $6 Million Earmark in State Budget

Grant Hutchinson / Flickr The Cleveland school district is in the midst of an ambitious effort to turn around local schools. Last year, lawmakers in Columbus passed new laws to let the district make sweeping changes. Then Cleveland voters approved a new levy to give the district another $77 million a year from local taxpayers. [...]

Ohio Edu-Budget 2013: Charter Schools Will Get More Money Next Year

Alyssa Ki / The Jersey Journal/Landov Ohio’s new state budget, signed by Governor John Kasich June 30, makes a number of changes that affect K-12 education. In a series of posts, we’ll be analyzing those changes and what they mean. Today, we look at money for charter schools. When state lawmakers put another $1.5 billion [...]

Helping Out-of-State Students Vote Could Cost Ohio Colleges

A provision added into the state budget passed by the House – and now being considered in the Senate – would prohibit Ohio colleges and universities from charging students out-of-state tuition if they help them vote in the state. Out-of-state students attending school in Ohio are allowed to vote if they’ve lived in the state [...]

“Fiscal Cliff” Deal Delays Education Cuts (For Now)

In what was a tense political showdown, legislators approved a measure that averts the “fiscal cliff” at the last moment, thereby avoiding an automatic set of tax hikes and spending cuts. But that doesn’t mean education programs are free from the threat of significant budget reductions. The current deal is a temporary fix, one that [...]

What’s Coming Up in Ohio Education in 2013

Ohio runs on a two-year budget, but that doesn’t mean off years are slow. Governor Kasich crammed in several education initiatives into his mid-cycle budget, and several other education bills passed the legislature. But the New Year will bring plenty of changes to the way the state’s schools are run.

John Kasich’s New Higher Education Funding Formula: Results Equal Funding

Ohio public colleges and universities can expect less state money in the coming years and a different way of distributing it. Gov. John Kasich says the budget he will introduce in February will tie half of Ohio’s four-year universities’ state funding to their graduation rates. Kasich eventually wants to tie all of community-college funding to student performance. Kasich’s [...]

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