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Cincinnati School District, Cleveland Charters Welcome Teach for America

After months of talks, the Cincinnati school district and charter schools in Northeastern and Southwestern Ohio have agreed to hire Teach for America teachers for the coming school year. Cincinnati is the only Ohio traditional public school district to sign on with Teach for America. But Teach for America’s Mike Wang, who leads the groups Ohio [...]

One Solution to the “Should We Move to the Suburbs?” Decision

Anthony Pecoraro / Flickr Anonymous blogger MidwestCityKid writes that she grew up in Cleveland’s Westpark neighborhood and “managed to get a decent education” in the Cleveland public schools. She wants her children to have the same kind of school experiences she had, but isn’t sure if she’ll have to move to the suburbs to do that. [...]

Teach for America Plans Expansion to Cleveland, Cincinnati Areas

This fall, as many as 100 Teach for America members could be working in Ohio schools. Teach for America places recent college graduates, many from elite colleges, into high-poverty classrooms across America. Mike Wang leads Teach for America’s efforts to expand in Ohio. He says the group’s focus now is on identifying school districts and [...]

Ohio Charter School Sponsors Lay Down the Rules, But Can They Lay Down the Law?

Christian Petersen / Getty Images In order to operate a charter school in Ohio, you must have a sponsor. But being a charter-school sponsor isn’t like Nike putting a swoosh on Michael Jordan’s sneakers. In Ohio, a charter school sponsor is a non-profit organization or public educational entity whose main job is to provide a [...]

A StateImpact Ohio Series: Do Charter Schools Work?

Students at Pearl Academy, a charter school in Cleveland, practice what they're learning on computers.

Thirteen years ago, Ohio began its charter school experiment. Fifteen charter schools opened in 1998. Today, more than 300 charter schools are in operation and will receive more than half a billion dollars in state funds this year. More than 113,000 students attended a charter school in 2010-11: That’s about one out of every 15 [...]

Breakthrough’s Charter School Network Expands

Summer school is in session at The Intergenerational School on Cleveland’s East Side as plans to open a second school based on the same model on the West Side move forward. Both schools are part of the Breakthrough charter school network. Breakthrough is leasing seven classrooms at the Cleveland school district’s Garrett Morgan School of [...]

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