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BGSU Must Pay Thousands to Professor Who Threatened to Shoot Students

Keary O. / Flickr Norman Eckel was frustrated. By the winter of 2005, he’d been teaching business classes at Bowling Green State University for 26 years and felt that students “had gotten worse and worse” over the years, according to court records. So when a student walked into his 11:30 a.m. accounting class 15 minutes [...]

Why Ohio College Student-Trustees Won’t be Guaranteed a Vote

Keith Ivey / Flickr A bill that would have given students a greater voice in decisions about how Ohio’s state colleges and universities are run has been diluted in the face of opposition from some schools. HB 377 would have required schools to give student trustees the power to vote on college and university business. Last [...]

Ohio Charter School Sponsors Now Face Sanctions for Schools’ Poor Academic Performance

For the first time, Ohio charter-school sponsors with poorly performing schools have been banned from taking on new charter schools. But the sponsors affected by this new ban work with relatively few of the state’s charter schools. The Ohio Department of Education released a ranking of all Ohio charter school sponsors yesterday. At the top [...]

Bowling Green State University Administration Lobbied on SB 5

Bowling Green State University Bowling Green State University administrators lobbied Gov. John Kasich and legislators in support of the section of Senate Bill 5 that bars university professors from collective bargaining, the Toledo Blade reports. SB 5 limits collective bargaining for state universities and their employees. It also redefines more faculty leaders as managerial employees [...]

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