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Why Jeb Bush Cares About Ohio Schools

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush speaks at a Washington, D.C. conference earlier this year.

Yup, the guy who’s on a shortlist for the 2016 presidential election spent four hours in off-the-record meetings in Columbus talking about Ohio’s schools.

Ohio Lawmakers to Spend Spring Break Dyeing Easter Eggs, Fixing School Funding

Easter eggs

Carolyn / Flickr Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports that state lawmakers are spending this week working through changes to a new school funding plan behind closed doors: House Speaker Bill Batchelder, who leads a super-majority caucus of 60 Republicans, says he plans to spend a lot of spring break looking into the formula, which he [...]

After Death of Home-Schooled Girl Makayla Norman, Ohio Legislature Unlikely to Make Changes

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and House Speaker Bill Batchelder told homeschooling advocates they see little need to change state laws regulating homeschooling in response to the death of a 14-year old Dayton girl who was homeschooled and starved to death in her home, the Home School Legal Defense Association says. (H/t to Innovation Ohio’s Stephen [...]

Union Group Declines Governor’s Invitation to Compromise on SB 5

In a move that surprised just about no one, We Are Ohio, the group campaigning to repeal Senate Bill 5, turned down an invitation from Gov. John Kasich and GOP legislative leaders to compromise on the collective bargaining law now the subject on an intense repeal campaign. SB 5 limits collective bargaining for public employee [...]

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