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What is Attendance Rigging?


In late June 2012, the Ohio state auditor’s office began investigating whether staff at school districts across Ohio improperly changed student data to make their schools’ performance look better, particularly on state report cards. The auditor’s office is also looking at what role the Ohio Department of Education played in any improper data maniupation.

State auditor Dave Yost has called this practice “attendance report rigging.”

You can find more coverage of the Ohio school data investigation here.

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Four Urban Districts Free of Data Scrubbing in 2013-14

The Ohio Department of Education says it has found no instances of data scrubbing in 2013-14 among four big city school districts with past histories of incorrectly reporting students’ attendance. State Superintendent of Public instruction Richard Ross sent letters to district heads in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo confirming that their 2013-14 records are clear [...]

Data Rigging Hearing Underway In Columbus

A hearing underway on the possible firing of a Columbus principal stemming from the data rigging scandal is expected to last most of the week. Former Linden-McKinley STEM Academy Principal Tiffany L. Chavers is one of four principals whom the district moved to fire for changing student records as part of a scheme to improve [...]

Handling of Student Data Still An Issue in Columbus Schools

A new internal audit by Columbus City Schools found administrators continued marking students as having withdrawn without providing proper documentation, well after the superintendent vowed the practice would stop. The audit is a follow-up to one in 2012 that found school administrators improperly altered attendance data with the intention of inflating performance on state report [...]

Columbus School District Could Face State Takeover For Data Scrubbing

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The Columbus school district could face state takeover because it improperly altered student records, if a provision inserted into the state budget is approved. The amendment (starting on p. 248) allows the state superintendent to “establish an academic distress commission for any school district that is found by the Auditor of State to have knowingly manipulated [...]

Final-Not-Quite-Final Ohio School Report Cards Released

Ohioans finally get to see their schools’ ratings in the nice, clean PDF format they’re used to, instead of the confusing and incomplete spreadsheets the Department of Education released in the fall. That’s because Ohio education officials released the official school report cards today, six months after they were originally supposed to be released. Report cards [...]

Superintendents Respond to the Auditor’s Report About Data Scrubbing

This week state auditor Dave Yost announced that his investigation into data scrubbing at Ohio’s schools is complete, and a total of nine districts were found to have altered student attendance data in an attempt to boost their report card scores or cash in on more funding. But some superintendents dispute the auditor’s findings. Yost had already [...]

State Auditor Finds Evidence of Student Data Scrubbing at Four More Districts

Four more districts have “scrubbed” student attendance data, according to a report by state auditor Dave Yost. That brings the total number of school districts found to have intentionally changed their student enrollment data to nine statewide. Scrubbing refers to removing students from enrollment without lawful reason. Scrubbing of that kind could lead to increases [...]

Cleveland Schools CEO: No Evidence of Wrongdoing in Cleveland Data Scrubbing

Cleveland school district CEO Eric Gordon said yesterday the state auditor has found “no evidence of intentional wrongdoing” in its audit of the Cleveland school district’s attendance records. But the Cleveland school district’s past attendance records are still unable to be audited, meaning it’s impossible to confirm that the district followed state attendance laws.

Auditor: Criminal Charges Likely In Columbus Schools Data Rigging Investigation

Columbus school district employees may face criminal charges in connection with unlawfully manipulating student data to make schools’ performance look better, says William Owen, the chief attorney for State Auditor David Yost. But employees at other school districts being investigated for similar actions are not likely to face criminal charges. Owen says the investigation into [...]

Remaining Report Card Data Dump is Here!

The final bits of this year’s report card data have been released by the Ohio Department of Education. Since these are still just preliminary results, they’re in a spreadsheet that you can find here. The report card data release had been postponed due to an investigation into school attendance data fraud by the state auditor. [...]

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