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The Impact of Foster Care on Students’ Education

STEVENDEPOLO / FLICKR Harold Sloke was 12-years-old when he entered South Carolina’s foster care system. Not long after that, he ended up repeating ninth grade three times. “A lot of my caseworkers believed I would never graduate, so they just kept passing me along, and I kept getting into trouble,” Sloke told The Annie E. [...]

Ohio’s Near The Bottom in Ranking of Ethnic Achievement Gaps

MARSMET491 / FLICKR A new report lists Ohio and other Midwestern states as some of the worst in the nation when it comes to the achievement gap between white and Asian students and their African-American and Latino peers. The Race for Results report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation used an index based on 12 [...]

Ohio’s Achievement Gap Has Grown

MARSMET491 / FLICKR The achievement gap between Ohio’s white and African American students has grown. At least, that’s according to the results results of a series of national tests known as “the Nation’s Report Card.” The National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, administers math and English tests to fourth and eighth graders every other [...]

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