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Study Finds Percentage of Minority Teachers at Cleveland Charter Schools Declined

As charter schools in the Cleveland area grew, the racial diversity of its teachers did not match its population. That’s the finding of a new study by the Shanker Institute that looked at Cleveland teacher diversity between 2000 and 2011.  The liberal-leaning education think tank found that the percentage of black teachers at Cleveland charter schools declined even as those schools increased hiring. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers says there needs to be more investment in teacher training programs across the country.

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ODE Career Advising Policy Requirements Take Affect, Cleveland Schools Prepared

CMSDLogoStackedColor.ashxIt is the Ohio Department of Education’s goal to have middle school and high school students more focused on careers through their education. The ODE is now requiring all Ohio School Districts to have a career advising policy for students. That requirement began at the start of the current school year.

While this policy is new, the Cleveland Metropolitan School district has been giving career advice to its high school students for years and to middle school students since last year.

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Ohio Supreme Court Rules Against Charter Schools in Operator Case

Silver supreme court gavel

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The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled against 10 charter schools that sued their operator over school property that was purchased with state funds.

The ruling said that schools are obliged to buy back computers, desks and other equipment that their operator White Hat Management had bought with money it received from the state.

In the majority opinion, Justice Judith Lanzinger noted the schools hadn’t performed well under White Hat’s management, but that the contracts the schools had with White Hat were entered into voluntarily and were enforceable.

In their dissents, Justice Bill O’Neill and Paul Pfeifer blasted both White Hat and the decision.

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Columbus Residents Pay Big Tax Dollars to Fund Charter Schools

Despite failing a 2013 levy that would have shared property-tax dollars with charter schools, Jim Siegel from the Columbus Dispatch reported that Columbus is still losing $1,312 per student of state funding to charter school funding. That’s the highest loss per student in the state, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Instead of directly funding charter schools, Ohio subtracts the money from what traditional districts would receive under the state funding formula. But the state takes away more money per pupil than it provides, and districts complain that forces them to rely more heavily on local taxpayers to offset the loss of state funding to charter schools.

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State Superintendent E-mails Released After Charter School Controversy

A few months ago the Plain Dealer reported that the Ohio Department of Education did not include F grades for online schools in a charter school evaluation. According to Patrick O’Donnell of the Plain Dealer, State Superintendent Richard Ross never sent documented information about the evaluation.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – State Superintendent Richard Ross never wrote an e-mail, text or note to staff about the charter reviews that broke state law and led to the resignation of key aid David Hansen, according to the Ohio Department of Education.

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