Ohio State Board of Education District 5 Candidates: Marianne Gasiecki, Rich Javorek, Bryan C. Williams

State Board of Education District 5 covers a swath of northeastern Ohio, but does not include the cities of Cleveland or Akron

It includes the following counties: Ashland, Medina, Richland, Wayne plus Cuyahoga County outside of the city of Cleveland, Summit County oustide of Akron, the northwestern corner of Holmes county and a small part of western Stark county.

Current District 7 state board Member Bryan C. Williams, a lobbyist, is running against financial manager and Mansfield Tea Party founder Marianne Gasiecki and retired teacher Rich Javorek. Redistricting shifted Williams from District 7 to District 5.

To create this voters guide, StateImpact Ohio posed a set of questions to every state Board of Education candidate. We sent the same survey to every state Board of Education candidate. Candidate responses were limited to 200 words.

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Marianne Gasiecki

Rich Javorek

Bryan C. Williams

Courtesy of Marianne Gasiecki

Courtesy of Rick Javorek

Ohio Department of Education

Age 50 61 Candidate did not respond to questionnaire. [Public records indicate Williams is 47.]
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Education B.S. Accounting, Canisius College, Bflo, N.Y., 1983 Masters in Curriculum & Instruction 1998, Kent State. BA in History, 1972, Balwin Wallace College. Candidate did not respond to questionnaire.
Experience My 20 plus years in the private sector as a financial manager provides the needed experience of creating and being responsible for multi-million dollar budgets, managing large staffs, and having to answer for successes or failures. Adjunct Faculty Member, Bryant & Stratton College, 2006-2009. Courses taught, Comparative Contemporary Politics, Topics in Ethics/Philosophy & Religion, Topics in World Civilizations (Developing Nations), Western Civilizations and Cultures.Social Studies Instructor, 1975-2006, Brunswick City Schools. Founding Member of Ohio Social Studies Resource Center, 2003-2009. Served as Chair & Parliamentarian (Center is now operated by the ORC at OSU) Ohio Center for Law Related Education, 1996 to present day, serve as Trainer and Evaluator for the Youth for Justice Program, We the People and Project Citizen as Evaluator.

Ohio Department of Education, served on Curriculum Advisory Committee for Social Studies and the Standards Setting Committee for the Ohio Graduation Test, Social Studies, Math and Science Components.Ohio Math and Science Coalition, Quantitative Literacy Across the K-16 Curriculum, conference presenter and participant for the OSSRC and ORC.

Candidate did not respond to questionnaire.
Which party are you a registered member of? Republican Democratic Candidate did not respond to questionnaire. [Public records indicate Williams is a Republican.]
Marianne Gasiecki Rich Javorek Bryan C. Williams
Why are you running for state Board of Education? It’s no secret that the structure of our education system has failed, and continues to fail our children.  Over the past 30 years, regardless of how much money is spent, education has at best, flat lined.  Recent studies show that 50% of America’s children cannot read, write or do math without assistance. Being very active in the school permitted me to see first hand what is being taught to our children and the obvious agenda hidden in our curriculum, and it is not the unbiased, practical education that is needed to prepare them for their future. I am running because I will not stand by and watch the profession and the work that I love, be reduced to bottom lines and numbers. Students are people that are being run over in a rush to be “reformed” and are being pigeonholed as test taking guinea pigs. The adults who work with them are being run over by groups who devalue their very existence.
I am running because I have prepared myself for this work. I am not a career politician. After leaving the classroom, I continued to work in education through the organizations listed on this form. I have continued my professional development work both online and at events like the recent symposium on Ohio’s new evaluation system.
I am running because my grandchildren and all children deserve the best educational system the state of Ohio can provide. Not the least costly, lowest standards allowed, financed by what is left after the corporations are taken care of  system, but the best. The type of education I had when I went to school in Ohio.
Candidate did not respond to questionnaire.
Marianne Gasiecki Rich Javorek Bryan C. Williams
Why should people vote for you? As a volunteer reading tutor for over eight years in our school district, I have had the opportunity to listen to the frustrations of good teachers and principals.
As a mom, as with most moms, the education of my children is primarily my responsibility.  Because of that, I have experienced the frustration of working with poor or agenda driven administrators and teachers.   It is the view from both sides of the isle that will make me a better problem solver, and has increased my passion and committment to become even more involved.
When people vote for me, they are sending a well qualified individual to the board, who will remember where he came from. An individual who will help focus the state on what is truly important in education, the students and the communities they live in. A person who knows the inner workings of school systems and the workings of organizations at the state level. A professional who knows how to work with all the stakeholders and has experience working at all levels in the field of education and with all levels of government in Ohio. People who vote for me will have an accessible member, who knows the communities and districts found in the fifth district. Candidate did not respond to questionnaire.
Marianne Gasiecki Rich Javorek Bryan C. Williams
How can the state Board of Education improve educational outcomes for Ohio children? Bring the education curriculum back to practical applications in Math, English, History and Science. Too much time is spent teaching social issues that should be left to the discretion of the parent. This time can be better spent providing a practical education to our children, particularly on early reading skills; a skill that affects any and all future learning. We can improve the educational outcomes for Ohios’ children by using the assessments mandated by the state in the proper manner. Assessments must be used for the improvement of instruction and learning, not the demonization of the instructors, the students or the communities they live in. We can advocate for a predictable, stable, multi- stream revenue source for funding education. The board can develop regulations, that allow access to quality education through the sharing of personnel and materials across district boundaries, to happen more easily.The board can implement the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, in a fair and flexible manner, to insure that quality instruction and learning  is the aim of the system. The administrators at the district level will need time to do this work that is currently not available to them.The board can monitor the use of the common core standards closely, to insure that staff and students are given the needed time and resources needed to adjust to yet another change. The most important thing the board can do is remember, they are children, not numbers. Candidate did not respond to questionnaire.
Marianne Gasiecki Rich Javorek Bryan C. Williams
What should the state Board of Education do about the problems with school attendance data? As parents and taxpayers we should be outraged by the practice of manipulating our children’s records to conceal a school’s poor performance.Once the audit is completed, the parties involved and found guilty/complicit should be fired with loss of benefits.  Ohioans should not be forced to continue to pay for blatantly dishonest and corrupt behavior. As a former attendance officer, I can help the board understand that some of these problems may be accounting errors and some may not be. If the board looks at the protocols in place from the Department of Education, and determines that a system is in fact in violation, by choice and direction from superiors, appropriate disciplinary action must take place. Data is only as good as the analysis done from that data. If data is false then the analysis drawn from that data is flawed. The board must find out if the regulations it has set is a cause of some of the practices, and make the needed adjustments to those policies. Professional development for those employees responsible for data collection and reporting should be provided by the state so reliability can be improved. Candidate did not respond to questionnaire.
Marianne Gasiecki Rich Javorek Bryan C. Williams
What would you look for in Ohio’s next state superintendent? Leadership, integrity and good decision making skills are critical characteristics.  This person should also understand where the failings of our education system are, and the various agendas that have been pushed through our curriculums for decades.  He/She should be open to new ideas and learning venues, and be willing to listen to the pros and cons of all. The next state superintendent should be chosen for his or her expertise in the field of education first. A complete background check, for political entanglements and or financial ones, must be in place and be as reliable as possible. Experience in a state our size would be helpful but not a deal breaker. Experience in our state is a good item to have on the resume. A proven track record in good labor mangement practices would be a plus, and experience in budget preparation for a state in our condition would be as well. The ability to collaborate with all segments of the educational and political cultures at work in Ohio would be another plus. Candidate did not respond to questionnaire.
Marianne Gasiecki Rich Javorek Bryan C. Williams
Is there anything else voters should know about you? Due to increased frustration with our political system, I founded the Mansfield Tea Party in March 2009 and am the State Co-coordinator for Tea Party Patriots. I have volunteered my time and energy in an effort to return this country, and this government, to its founding principles and values. I am not part of the “political system”, nor am I part of the very education system that continues to fail our children. I am a concerned and engaged parent looking to make a difference in the future of our children. I am married and have two adult daughters, four grandchildren and two cats. I am involved in the Exploring division of the Boy Scouts of America, as an Assistant District Commissioner. This division works with career opportunities in the Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting Departments in communities. I am a member of the Eagles and Moose fraternal organizations. I currently work as a golf course ranger at the Deer Pass Golf Course in Seville, Ohio.I was the first in my family to earn a college degree and went on to earn a second. I worked my way through college and paid off my college loans. I worked in a factory at night and went to college during the day. I grew up on the west side of Cleveland and went to West Technical High. I am a lifelong resident of the state of Ohio. Candidate did not respond to questionnaire.